Touristic routes

Hiking routes

„Following legends and traditions of Człuchów” – includes five touristic routes. The routes show the beauty of the most interesting places in Człuchów that include both historic and natural valuable sites. Due to the designed routes, tourists can appreciate all the sights, such as: The Town Square, church of St. Jacob, historic tenements houses, public service buildings and the castle hill with the castle tower, dungeons, courtyard, chapel and walls. Tourists can go for a walk in the Municipal Park, through a big footbridge through the rushes, “rozbójników” (“robbers”) footbridge to the beach at OSiR (Sports Centre). To better get to know the history of Człuchów and region tourists can visit Regional Museum. For the recreation and relax tourists can make a stop at the beach at the Rychnowskie Lake, which they will find at the end of the route. Each of the routes can be followed separately or can be followed as one route for sight-seeing. Each of the routes has its own fable based on historical facts and legends associated with the events and characters connected with the region.

Bicycle routes:

„By Bike through Człuchów” – green colour (7,2 km) – the route is part of GREENWAY Northern Necklace Route, it begins in Człuchów on ul. Traugutta Street from village Sieroczyn and follows ul. Średnia Street, Wyszyńskiego Street, Kościelna Street, through „Luisa Grove” Park, footbridge to ul. Poniatowskiego Street and gets out of the town on ul. Sienkiewicza Street. The highlight of the route is the Medieval Castle of the Teutonic Order from the 14th century, neo-gothic Church of St. Jacob and the nearby museum. On the route “By Bike through Człuchów” tourists can admire not only cultural heritage sites, but also the beauty of nature in Człuchów: four interconnected lakes, reed full of water birds, ecological site “Wetlands on Łazienkowskie Lake” and many other natural wonders.

Canoe :
Brda River Trail – in Przechlewo neighborhood, about 20 km from Człuchów
Biała River Trail – in Rzeczenica neighborhood, about 30 km form Człuchów
Czernica River Trail – in Rzeczenica neighborhood, about 30 km from Człuchów