About 15 thousand people live in Człuchów.

Citizens of Człuchów are well-known for their hospitality and openness. Tourists visiting Człuchów can experience lots of attractions and for sure will take a lot of remarkable experiences with them and definitely will come back to Człuchów for more. They can appreciate our cuisine that represents Old Polish and modern culinary specialties from different regions with significant influences from cuisine of: German, Ukrainian and Kashubian. Człuchów offers their guests accommodation and relax conditions appropriate for the tourists needs and requirements.

At the end of 2011, 1072 entrepreneurs were registered in Człuchów.

The good use of European Union funds, including investments related to tourism, contributes to the fact that in Człuchów people can find modern sports facilities (swimming-pool, sports fields, tartan running tracks, tennis courts, gyms, ice rink, sledding track) and recreation facilities (“Luisa Grove” park with walking paths, footbridge through swamps with viewpoint tower, places for playing chess and picnic area).