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Człuchów is an excellent place to invest and develop businesses. Convenient location at intersection of major transportation routes (national roads 22 and 25) makes that thousands of people travels through Człuchów each year. Many of these people stop in the town and looks for place for spending their free time. Człuchów with diverse landscape offers a wide range of activities for recreation: swimming, sailing, canoeing, bike trips and hiking. This is supplemented by the opportunity to sightsee Medieval fortress of the Teutonic knights and the regional museum, relaxing and having fun at the zoo, at the bowling alley and go-kart track. Untouched nature surrounding the town offers peace and quiet, as well as great conditions for mushrooms picking and fishing.

Człuchów attractions:

  • historic church of St. Jacob the Apostle
  • “Luisa Grove” Park with footbridge through swamps and tower viewpoint
  • open-access sports fields, playgrounds and skatepark
  • swimming-pool with gym and saunas
  • bowling
  • Canpol gas station with varied cuisine, zoo and go-kart track

Citizens of Człuchów are well-known for their hospitality and openness. Tourists visiting Człuchów can experience lots of attractions and for sure will take a lot of remarkable experiences with them and definitely will come back to Człuchów for more. They can appreciate our cuisine that represents Old Polish and modern culinary specialties from different regions with significant influences from cuisine of: German, Ukrainian and Kashubian. Człuchów offers their guests accommodation and relax conditions appropriate for the tourists needs and requirements. The good use of European Union funds, including investments related to tourism, contributes to the fact that in Człuchów people can find modern sports facilities (swimming-pool, sports fields, tartan running tracks, tennis courts, gyms, ice rink, sledding track) and recreation facilities (“Luisa Grove” park with walking paths, footbridge through swamps with viewpoint tower, places for playing chess and picnic area).

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